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Zyion Ostrog is the engineer for the Airship Delta. He has been working for the captain of the airship (Quazar Knox) for almost 20 years now and is a lover of adventure.


Zyion was born in Russia which is where he gets his Russian name from. Although, he instantly moved to the UK because of family problems. He was adopted by an English family at only the age of 2 and started working in a jetpack repair shop at 12 because of his amazing brains. One day in the store though, the shopkeeper died of a rare disease caused by chemicals in the jetpack water tanks that he had come into contact with and Zyion was left without a hobby, so he started working in a builders yard at age 19 and was picked up by a man that had a business proposition for him, this work with engines and steam. As this was one of Zyion's passions, he packed up, said goodbye and went off to see the world. A very simple and sweet story, but that is the only happy one you will hear out of the crew members on board the Delta. So savor it.

In Real LifeEdit

Zyion is a fictional character created and owned by Nathan Curtis, the writer and director of the 'Airship Delta' web series. In a brief Q&A he stated:

"Zyion is one of the characters that I really didn't want to have a tragic or tough backstory because all of the other crew members such as Quazar and Rosa have really complicated back stories whereas with Zyion I didn't feel it was necessary because of the plot of Airship Delta being so hard to follow aswelll!"


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