Xyla Croxx

Xyla Croxx is the psychic navigator and potions expert of the Airship Delta. She is a girl of 15 that is locked up in the airship's Watchtower in order to contain her uncontrollable power that can break or fix anything within milliseconds.


Xyla grew up with her normal mother and father in a very normal town. She used to live in one of the windmills not too far away from the big city, which for her, was Paris. But one night, whilst Xyla was sleeping the windmill shuddered and clanked to life without any reason. As she slept in the top room her mother and father had to sleep below, in the hollow neck of the mill. Because the mother and father were the closest to the millstone they decided that they should slow it there was no need for it to be moving, but sadly it got faster and faster and when the Xyla's father tried to stop it, he was pulled in and killed instantly. The mother went with him when she attempted to pull him out just before he went in.

Xyla then woke up and the millstone mysteriously stopped, she went downstairs and there was a grusomee sight to be seen. Xyla then gathered her things and ran off to outer suburbia where she supposedly met up with Quazar. The captain of the Airship Delta. The rest of the story is unkownn as no one saw or heard anything else. Some say they ran off together away from society and some say that she just went with him because she had no where else and no one else to go to but one thing is for certain, she is still up there in that tower...waiting for her evil and yet intriguing gift to leave her.

In Real LifeEdit

In the real world Xyla is a fictional character, made up and owned by Nathan Curtis. She is one of the main characters in the web series: Airship Delta. In a Q&A with the director (also Nathan Curtis) he said:

"Xyla is supposed to be that girl in the dark corner of the library you always see but never seem to have a good conversation with. With Xyla, it is not that she is so into her book she doesn't want to talk to you, but she is just so dreamy. What I mean by that is that she is always in a daydream state, she never fully understands, cares or really notices what is going on around her. So long as she has beads and shiny things to fiddle with then she is happy."

The Watchtower Edit

The Watchtower is where Xyla now spends most of her time, she is locked inside of the room in order to contain her ferocious powers and reoccurring mood swings. The door of the tower is fitted with over 7 locks that are brass and copper plated. They automatically unlock when the captain gives a certain type of announcement such as:

"All crew to the deck"


"Airship meeting"

The Watchtower overall is a very small room that is filled with misplaced technology from either the near or far future, it seems to have alot of communicational devices such as a telephone, 2 radios, a morse code machine and a large ship's bell.

There have been some rumours that there was a previous Watchman that lived up there and he actually built the Airship in the first place but this is an obscure man that has only ever shown up in one picture that was found in a rusty metal box under the Watchtower bed. There was also a note.

'My heart to joy at the same tone

and all I loved, I loved alone' -Watchman


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