Victoria and the Vaudevillains Their original song "Zombie" Bottom Of The Hill Club, SF07:20

Victoria and the Vaudevillains Their original song "Zombie" Bottom Of The Hill Club, SF

Zombie (Not A Cranberries' Song) @ Bottom of the Hill

Victoria and the Vaudevillains are a zombie punk cabaret band from the East Bay (or Beast if you speak pig latin) in California, that wears Victorian-inspired costumes.

Not an ordinary band, Victoria and the Vaudevillains is visually stunning performance art. Fronted by Victoria Victrola, the Vaudevillains’ punk cabaret sound ranges from soft and pretty to clanging, banging, piano rock. Dancers and living statues create an atmosphere of a twisted burlesque carnival… with ZOMBIES.

Victoria and the Vaudevillains played the 2012 Steamstock Festival (headliners: Thomas Dolby and Abney Park) and have played many other shows with bands such as Unwoman, Thee Hobo Gobbelins, Bobby Joe Ebola, Tragic Tantrum Cabaret, and Steam Powered Giraffe.

Band MembersEdit

  • Victoria Victrola: Keys/Vocals
  • Nyesha Moore/Hannah Yiu: Cello
  • GG Tanaka: Violin/Vocals
  • Dave Gursom: Guitar/Vocals
  • Mic Rawls: Drums
  • Viola: Golden Statue

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Video Edit

Victoria and the Vaudevillians - Bride song04:56

Victoria and the Vaudevillians - Bride song

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