Me, and my man in our Battle Zeppelin driving in the air, taking scout around our country Zeplor; for any danger around the area, now not safe for centuries after the Hazardmorent war 1825. Now Gorsh try's to conquer our country for 25 years in a row with fear that day shall come, they plague that the day they shall take our country for self-indulgence and conquer the people to slavery and die kissing their feet. My man, are older then I, meaning. They know much more then I do, They where little Wee children in the war of Hazardmorment, 25 years later they fear of the overcome of the Gorish in Zeplor maybe about 10 or 14. I wasn't even born then, and I am lead captain of this airship. Sitting in my chair writing down notes about this strange potion that glow green in the bottle on my desk. Someone ran in my office round, with a slam on the wall, the man took a deep breath and said "They- they are here-Captain Theodore Parsons!" he was wearing time viewing goggles on his head and steam slacks that where all messy and dirty. so they finally come to me, I shall put on a show, with blood and death. "Well, go on then! Host the guns, man!" I ran out of my chair to the deck, my man where running all over the place cover each and little part of the Zeppelin where the weapons are. I, stand there with my hand in the slit of my coat Yelling to wait. The Gorsh came closer to our Zeppelin As they shot their guns at us, my sword in my hand standing in position getting ready to go, and kill some man that whom might jump on board on my Zeppelin. A flash of fire poured on my deck, I ran over and stepped on the burning wood, "Men why do I still see that ship Flouting!" After putting out the flames, I went to the wheel and turned it to face them. my men ran on their ship with screams and gun shuts. I joined in with mess, of blood. A bullet scrap the side of my flesh on my cheek bone blood spilling to my mouth, I ran in cutting a mans throat splat all over my clothing, falling dead on the ground. I look back up seeing my men kill, and men fall dead. I slowly walked to the Captains nest, the door slam open, seeing a men in full uniform looking up with a awfully weird smile, Got up picking up his duel weapon "Ain't yeah to young to be head Captain Sir?" He pronounced.

I walked closer to him, "Yes, but my father was a doctor, making me skip a head a few ranks. But that's not that." I took a deep breath "Why are you here? here in Zeplor." he laughed in my face in a rudely way. "THE same way you think sir. To conquer you're country." In the shadows where two or more glowing red eye's walking out where this thing of metal, a man, but not a man almost like a humanoid figure copper for the nose and mouth. it said "Gratings,human." Walking to the captains side "SO young boy, what do they call you"

"Theodore Parsons,now on with it! Get out of my country or you're men well have a fall" He laughed to it, "Well, fall is great. But they need to be a live order for us to leave Theodore." I slam my fist on his desk, and yelled on top of my lungs as I could for my, and his men could here "Order for you to live you better get out our I have you end trails decorate the walls with you're brains sir!" He widen his eyes, and took a deep sigh.

"Known it wont be that easy, so I'd came up with a plan young captain" He splash a strange fluid hit my face making me cringe, my skin feels like it had something moving in side of my every own flesh like little bugs, cold hard moving, bugs. I feel them going throw my skin into my inner parts of my body, deeper harder, slower. It became pain of hard stabs into my heart and brain feels like it was changing me from inside out. This things, they are just like a little lech. But inside, their not sucking blood but putting these needles into my head in and out, putting something inside injecting fluid, I could feel the blood going throw my brain and into my bones. It isn't like anything else, normal you wont feel things like this going throw you. But, these bugs, make you feel the injecting fluid going throw you. I didn't know what to espect to it but to say nothing, I tried to rub the fluid of my face but it just burned me, and steam coming off of my skin, But no flesh came off, but smoke and the smell of death looming in the air. I started to shot every where in sight, but I can't see, so I screamed and screamed until one of my men came in to help. "Theodore." One of the men said "We got them.... They didn't obey us and you wont there to tell us what to do, so we just killed them on sight." I rubbed my sour eyes that became blood red. "Eya, good job." I'm guess as the fluid entered my skin of bugs I couldn't even hear as well, and what is this fluid going to do to me now, but I shall find out sooner then I think. "Lets go." I said to Gilliard, I look up to his face, bony small, young a man whom does what it can get to stay a life, brown long hair up to his ears, and very pale skin. To him I am a baby, or a brother. He is just about in his late twenties. I stand guard to my men who stand on my ship in a nice even line, saying Sir putting their hands on their chest and back on their side as I walk to my office. I lye on my bed, as Gilliard put a wet cloth on my forehead dabbing it on, cooling me off a little "Stop moving, you wont feel better if you just keep still!" He said, struggling to keep me still "I'm trying! But I don't know how!" Like my body is thinking of its own now. Those things, that where in my body are still there making me scrim around on my bed. He yelled with a strong accent at me "What the hell happened to you!" He most me Scottish, but he doesn't seem pleasant on my mood swings of the movement worming around the bed. So he told me down until I claim down, but I know I'm doing this but something else is inside of me is.... My eyes rolled behind my eyes socket going black, feeling scared "Man come here quick!" he yelled "Something is wrong with the Captain Theodore!" Two or three man came in so I hear, but as they came in, I fallen asleep to their talking, I couldn't understand as it came faint.

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