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The Velveteen is a Steampunk-inspired band featuring members of Cirque Noir from Ventura, California. Blending rock/metal elements, in a fantastical sci-fi context, scrambled in the genius of Greater Then Zero's (GTZ) Ableton Live steam powered blender.

The Velveteen's first concert took place at 1pm on May 11th 2014 at a cosplay expo after party.

Band MembersEdit

  • Baron Von Velveteen was the bass player from Cirque Noir. Or that thing from your nightmares. One band wasn't enough to contain him. He also plays guitar and trumpet.
  • Fum the Puppet sings lead on most songs, but when a little more growl in the vocals is needed, the band turn to theirr new friend, Foe. Foe is also a puppet.
  • Fum is voiced by Dan Flores offstage, and performed by Claire Flores during live shows.
  • Foe is voiced and performed by Jason Amelio.
  • The illustrious Professor Z performs keyboard and electronics. He is also known as GreaterThanZero, or simply Aaron Levitz. The band keeps changing his character to confuse the audience, but he's pretty much just a mad scientist. Go with it.
  • Rounding out the group is Chris O'Coyle on drums. Chris keeps the beat going, literally. The kinetic energy he generates actually powers all the band's equipment!

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