The Iron Rose
( machinima )
Machinimatographer:Asil Karu
Released:Dec 14, 2010
Parcel Page:place

A Second Life steampunk roleplay sim: Tales from NeoVictoria: The Iron Rose.

Here's the promo for the estate. A series of character postcards from NeoVictoria and Machinima, we shot this in December 2010.

Description: Sidhe, shades, dJinns, demons, humans, werebeasts, dragons, vampires along with supernatural creatures of every type are here, and these are our stories. Visit NeoVictoria; the role playing simulation with a machinima twist! Dark role playing in the steampunk style.

Plot Edit

This is a simulation via machinima.

Time and space and the softness between dimensions; NeoVictoria straddles such a place. Those with skill, or luck, or terrible need might make their way to it. A small planet, nestled in the VICO III galaxy, its citizenry cling to the land and sky, for its vast oceans are home to forces that do not heed the crown. But they are loyal to the Sidhe queen who sits on her throne millions of light-years away. Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of Earth, Empress of the Void: one tap of her tiny foot on the Stone of Scone sets the worlds to shake. Its 2127 and Pax Britannica has held sway for more than three thousand years.

Steampunk Influences Edit

It is the introduction machinima to the Steampunk realm NeoVictoria.

Players Edit

  • Ahkem Hagoromo
  • Akasha Electricteeth
  • Araphel Seetan
  • Asil Ares
  • Asil Karu
  • Asil Serpente
  • Crosswired Deanimator
  • Demoria Siamendes
  • DJNight Fhang
  • Fingers Zenovka
  • Honey Falconvale
  • Jerhicco Levane
  • Joec Karillion
  • Kwekwe Karu
  • Lillian Kawamishi
  • Meliora Lilliehook
  • Scorpio Gloom
  • Seb Contepomi
  • Shauna Daviau
  • SoftfootSpearsong
  • Stasia Rau
  • Thor Gustav
  • Tyson Darwinnia Process
  • Xiuhcohtl Balazic

Music Edit

section track album artist
Opening "Overblow" Kerri
Main "The Iron Rose" Dramatis Personae The Clockwork doll
Closing "Queen of the Delta Behold the Mchine Vernian Process

Location Edit

Video Edit



YouTube Link:


Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial-noderivs 3.0 unported license

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