Old plate IBS photo from facebook
Iron Boot Scrapers - Never Going To Let You Go03:48

Iron Boot Scrapers - Never Going To Let You Go

IBS live 2
Iron Boot Scrapers - Going Down04:40

Iron Boot Scrapers - Going Down

MG 0743
Iron Boot Scrapers - Costermonger-003:16

Iron Boot Scrapers - Costermonger-0

Iron Boot Scrapers - Glad To Start Again04:10

Iron Boot Scrapers - Glad To Start Again

Iron Boot Scrapers - Idiot Check02:37

Iron Boot Scrapers - Idiot Check

The Iron Boot ScrapersEdit

Those dapper daddies, The Iron Boot Scrapers, will slum it with the hoi polloi of the prols, and eschewing the classical fair for the traditional folk music of these modern times; an invitation to the great unwashed to don their glad rags and cut up a rug, or two, on the dancefloor.

Time travelled from Edwardian times to show the rock music of today a thing or two.

Their barra' 'as already one album on it..., 'Costermonger', and another soon to come

To stay in touch with these dandy's adventure please check out the Facebook site.

Find out more at:

Their music can be bought 'ere!

Colonnade bar

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