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The Clockwork Dolls are a band from Baltimore, Maryland that blends history and fantasy into their cinematic musical style.


Dramatis PersonaeEdit

The Clockwork Dolls were formed in 2007 and released their debut album Dramatis Personae in 2009. The album was described as “electronic music mixed with heavy Victorian influences”.

When Banners FallEdit

The Clockwork Dolls returned in 2012 with an altered cast. Their second album, When Banners Fall, featured a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks.  When Banners Fall was heavily influenced by the music of the 1940’s and WW2, a significant departure from the neo Victorian or ‘High Steampunk’ setting of their first album which could be described as dieselpunk.


The Clockwork Dolls is working on their third studio album tentatively called "The Sleepwalker Chronicles" which will be released sometime in mid to late 2016.

Band MembersEdit

  • Sam Lee - Composition, production, second guitars, keyboards
  • Julie Zakar - Lyrics, vocals