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The Amaranthology is a free form roleplaying game using the game of Minecraft as its format. It follows a semi-predetermined storyline advanced at weekly events 7:00 EST. 

The Amaranthology can also refer to the closly-knit community of players that participate in the story.

Amaranthine: RebornEdit

Amaranthine: Reborn was the first storyline of The Amaranthology. It ended 12/5/2011.

Amaranthine: EmpiresEdit

Amaranthine: Empires was the second storyline of the Amaranthology focussing on the battle between the Empire and the rebellian called The Alliance. This was the more steampunk of the stories. It ended 22/12/2012.

The AmaranthologyEdit

The Amaranthology is the current storyline of the server with more varrying titles such as Amaranthine: Infection and Amaranthine: Memorias. The Amaranthology takes place 1000 years after Amaranthine: Empires. With the loss of the substance called Aether which provided things such as lift for airships and fuel for teleportation devices, this storyline is a bit less steampunk than the previous. Instead focussing on a central democracy, a group of religeous radicals, and a collective of darkly powered indviduals. 

Gental EarthEdit

Gental Earth takes place in a  a seperate world from the rest of The Amaranthology and focusses more on the solving of clues and progression of the story then on the happenings of the individuals themselves. 

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