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Steam Powered Giraffe is a robot-themed Steampunk band that incorporates elements of mime, improv, puppetry and dance. The band consists of the robot characters The Spine, Rabbit and Hatchworth. The characters are portrayed by identical twins David Michael Bennett and Isabella "Bunny" Bennett and their lifelong friend Samuel Luke. All three members hail from San Diego, California. They have a page devoted to them in the Wikipedia, their own homepage complete with backstory, a space on myspace and a presence on facebook. To older listeners, their music is highly reminiscent of the Beatles . The diesel punk robot, the one that wears a fedora, poses in much the same manner as the Lone Ranger did on television. Their dialogue is equally dated, but very charming and impeccably delivered.

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Steam Powered Giraffe - Captain Albert Alexander

Steam Powered Giraffe - Captain Albert Alexander

Capt. Albert Alexander