No Monsters But Ourselves
( machinima )
Machinimatographer:Cammy Teardrop
Released:Jul 1, 2011
Parcel Page:place

NeoVictoria presents Cammy Teardrop's: No Monsters But Ourselves

Description: Teardrop is a slightly insane, supernatural mystic with knowledge of healing. She travels through the portals of time and space to settle in, and explore, this eerie realm. Tapping into the magical energies, she summons the undead-eidolon Whispy, who initially, unbeknown to Teardrop, is a dark mage. Together they set out to explore, delving beneath the surface of the obvious with unfortunate consequences for Cammy Teardrop.

This machinima by Cammy Teardrop won the 2011 NeoVictoria Machinima Contest. Visit this parcel to see it and to learn more about dark role playing in the steampunk style!

Plot Edit

This is a simulation via machinima. The producers of it have not seen fit to provide a synopsis.

Steampunk Influences Edit

Not clearly defined.

Players Edit

Video Edit

thumb|500px|left|Vimeo URL: []

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