The New Albion Radio Hour: A Dieselpunk Opera, is a three act musical written by Paul Shapera which follows the family O'Brien and serves as a sequel to The Dolls of New Albion. The musical takes place roughly 10 years following Solider 7285's rebellion and covers the falling city of New Albion as it plunges into civil war.

The show features 3 singers who have the dominate roles of the play. The female lead of Constance is sung once again by Lauren Osborn. The main male lead is sung by Oliver Marsh who plays John O'Brien. And the final female role is sung by Courtney Ellis, who plays Jacqueline O'Brien.

The 1st Act covers John O'Brien and his life of misfortune as a super solider. The 2nd Act follows Constance O'Brien, a seductive thief who plans on toppling the government and their plans. The 3rd and final Act closes up the story with an all out battle.

Each act slowly leads into the next, leading up to the ultimate finale.

Plot Edit

Act 1 Edit

Act 1 begins out as an ad for the infamous Papaver Cigarette, a smoke that will remove one's anxieties of the day. (The New Albion Radio Hour Overture)

After the ad, the radio hour's host, Lloyd Allen, greats the listeners to the broadcast. Lloyd reveals that it has been roughly 10 years and a civil war has been raging across New Albion, leaving it to a shell of what it use to be. He states that only with the upcoming Battle of Crier's Blvd. that the fate of New Albion will be decided. He then goes on to explain how New Albion has changed over the years. (New Albion 5)

New Albion is now an uptight, oppressive, and obsessive police state. It has come to this way after a ex-solider vowed to bring the martial government down, and did so by placing a truth serum under the waterways where Parliament meets, thus, enacting the revolution.

The revolution has been going on for so long that now undertakers and arms dealers bloom in wealth. A union for spies that work for both sides of the battle can be brought and their boss, The Cigarette Girl, works the Rumba Club at nights. New Albion, separated into districts, have different stories. Districts 3, 4, & 1 is run by a red haired lad who runs and control gangs of orphaned, feral youth. They move and transport drugs, liquor, and contraband across the land for the mob and postal services.

Power generations that lie beneath Districts 7, 8, & 3 excrete a dust that is used for a pleasing, dreamy high, thus making it the new drug on the rise. Three albinos who live underground however guard the secret location of this drug. A tinker who owns a shop makes little metal fairies with souls from snowflakes.

However, Lloyd finally comes around to talking about the government's last hope, The Super Solider Plan. Deep underground, beneath the sewers, lies a underground bunker, which contains John O'Brien. John is a rotting super solider, festering with cables and wires and a reconstructed body. John sits alone whenever he's not being used as a weapon with two lifeless dolls that have screens to keep him company. Alone, John listens to the doll that plays a video of a child singing on it. John then sings about his lonely life beneath the city and accepts that he has no escape (The Green Room Pale). However, his time alone ends as John is wisked out to work and forced to hunt down and kill rebels.

Lloyd then takes us back to a few years backwards in time, to when John was just another guy on the street. Alone in a bar, a military recruit finds John depressed, possibly on the verge of suicide, and convinces him to enlist in the Freedom Corps, promising him revenge on the rebels (The Pitch). John is convinced, and joins. Brought back to the present, John sits alone again in his bunker and listens to the child on the screen sing. John then monologues about how he had to leave his daughter, pleading to her as if she's there. He talks about how his wife was killed and blown to pieces by the rebels and that he is now a shell of what he use to be. He begs for forgiveness, stating that he'll probably die alone.

John is then called to duty and the play advances to the final plot: The Battle of Criers Blvd. Lloyd explains that the government has spent months creating a device that'll turn the tides in their favor in the war, however, complications have arisen and a group of rebels are inside the broadcasting facility. John is ordered to dispose of all those inside (The Operation). However, once inside, John finds 2 men and 1 woman, all who're non-hostile. The woman screams in horror, so he aims for her first and sings the child's song as a comfort before he kills her. However, the woman recognizes the song and says:


John is now face to face with his daughter. He stops until he hears the other soliders advancing. He turns away, heads out, and opens fire. The act ends.

Act 2 Edit

Act 2 opens, once more, with an ad for Papaver Cigarettes, ushering for the audience to spend their hard earned, government issued credits to purchase them.

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