A Second Life steampunk roleplay sim: It's a dark roleplay sim that encourages machinima makers to shoot footage there (as long as you get permission from the SIM owner & principal avatars first.) Think of it like shooting movies in a city where the entire population is improvising -- and the city dwellers are heavily armed and possibly a touch kinky.

This role-play steampunk community is an alternate reality set in a pax Britannica that has spanned millenia. Wander down the cobbled streets and marvel at the classic architecture as you interact with a myriad of intriguing characters.

Explore time, space, and the softness between dimensions in NeoVictoria. The citizenry here cling to the land and skies, for its vast oceans are home to forces that do not heed the crown.

The World of NeoVictoriaEdit

The physical constructions in NeoVictoria uses a Steampunk aesthetic and echos many of the themes found in the writings of Charles Dickens. Steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and speculative fiction that denotes works set in an era where steam power is still widely used ~think Victorian England~ but with prominent elements of fantasy or science and a lot less "stuffiness" and more creatures. It could be the "Time Machine" found in the works of H. G. Wells or real technological developments (like the computer) occurring at an earlier date. In this alternate experience of our earth's history, the fae and the other supernaturals never faded and Queen Victoria still sits on a throne with an empire that spans the universe. Our world is the planet "NeoVictoria" in the galaxy "VICO III" and the year is 2128.

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