Lobby Ludd is basically just a one man show named after a fictional character created by the Westminster Gazette in 1927. The Westminster Gazette is now defunct. He does have a space on myspace and a video or two on YouTube.

Hello! I am Lobby Lud and I just wanted to update this if I can. Nowadays I tend to perform aliong with a band dubbed The Luddites and we have been labelled a "Tweedpunk combo" of late. I have no idea what that means but I like the sound of it. My steampunk credentials apart from vintage clothing are that electric instruments never feature in my act or recordings and I frequently use mechanical devices on-stage to play instruments when band members aren't available. So far this has included a modified Buskers Organ (crank-operated paper roll playing pipe organ) the Auto-Herman, (a treadle operated washboard playing machine) the Bard-o-Matic (a mandolin played by a clockwork gramophone motor, good for 3 minutes at 78 rpm) and a remote control Trombone (called Seamus) operated with shop dummy arms and a shower attachment. I am about to try out a JRS Automatic Saxophone from the 1920s (another paper roll playing crank operated gadget) and I am currently building a bicycle-driven drumming machine. My intention is to get them all to synchronise together and quietly bow out, leaving them to do gigs for me while I quaff Gin and Tonic at the bar. I have a website, I'm afraid that does use electricity. But if you're interested its here.

Video Edit

Lobby Lud03:07

Lobby Lud

Lobby Ludd

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