Ling LingEdit

Ling Ling


Ling Ling
Japanese Name:
Shū Rinrin
First Appearance:
Go! Steam Detectives
Eye Colour:
Light Blue
Hair Colour:
Pink Nurse Uniform, White Nurse Hat, Big White Apron and White Shoes

Ling Ling is the youngest daughter of Dr. Hsu and the writer Feifer in Go! Steam Detectives. A young nurse who owns the Megamaton, Goriki. She and Goriki are assistants of Narutaki after being tricked by helping Night Phantom. Much of her past is a mystery. Ling Ling helps Narutaki in his investigations and look after his health. Ling Ling is very sensitive and very caring to others but she can rise to the occasion. Her overly sentimental nature does put her in danger when she throws herself into things. Ling Ling also volunteers at the local hospitals since they are understaffed.

Gallery Edit

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