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Lewis is a self-proclaimed author of steampunk and horror stories. His web page can be found here.

Having purchased and downloaded a copy of Mister Lewis's The Lightning Bolts of Zeus, I feel obliged to warn others that the work by Mister Lewis is by no means ready for prime time. The story has no contact with reality. It is purely fantasy, but is not written in away that supports a fantasy story. The verisimilitude of this story is all but non-existent. As a consequence, the reader will find himself struggling with maintaining his or her suspension of disbelief until he or she succumbs to the gross lack of verisimilitude and falls out of the story.

Unsurprisingly, there are numerous grammatical errors and faux pas. One of the worst of which is when the author asks his audience, "Is there a need to italicize this?" The pity of that is that the answer is no. Not only was the passage in a line of dialogue, it is necessarily part of the story's mystery.

If you are bored in the extreme, or need practice doing critiques of other people's writing, then Mister Lewis's work is right up your alley. Otherwise, give it a pass.

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