The anime known as "Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World", or "Kino No Tabi", aisred to 20013, and it based on a series of light-novels by Keiichi Sigsawa.


Plot Edit

"Kino's Journey" is a story about a traveler named Kino who rides with her talking moter-bike Hermes through a world littered with small secluded city states, never staying in any one for more than three days. The series places heavy emphasis on philosophical themes, which it uses Kino and the societies she encounters as a framing device to explore.

Steam Punk Elements Edit

This is a series that is more dieselpunk than steampunk, but the two are close relatives. While the level of advancement varies widely from country to country, there is occasionally overlap with a more steampunk esthetic. Particular note goes to the first episode, where we see Kino arrive at a country seemingly devoid of human occupation, but completely self-operating thanks to machines modeled after furniture. Episode 6 introduces a stark class divide between a kingdom's wealthy and second class slave citizens, who live beneath the city. Episode 8 follows a girl named Nimya's attempt to build a flying machine. Though exactly what comprises their inner-workings isn't entirely clear, in episode 10, a family living in the woods turn out to be mechanical dolls. Kino usually wears a brown coat, and has goggles on hand.

Gallery Edit

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