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Johnny Hollow is a musical group teetering on Steampunk style, with its female members in various stages of dishabille[1] (nineteenth century linens draping callipygian[2] figures) and a great sound.


"Johnny Hollow, often abbreviated JH, is a Canadian electronic music group formed in 2001 in Guelph. The band is composed of singer Janine White, digital artist Vincent Marcone, cellist Kitty Thompson and guitarist Steve Heihn." - Wikipedia

Record label: Orange Record Label
Albums: Johnny Hollow, Dirty Hands


  1. "1. Extreme casual or disorderly dress, shirt tail out, sleeves unbuttoned, etc. 2. A loose, negligent dress." Definitions according to Wiktionary: dishabille
  2. "Having beautifully shaped buttocks." Definition according to Wiktionary: callipygian

Video Edit

Johnny Hollow Superhero03:16

Johnny Hollow Superhero


External LinksEdit

  • [[wikipedia:Johnny_Hollow|Johhny Hollow page] on Wikipedia
  • homepage, with links to their space on myspace and their presence on facebook.

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