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Insomniac Folklore is a theatrically-inclined musical group from Portland OR & St Louis MO.


Dr. Folklore was born in the tiny village of Roseburg, Oregon on the far reaches of the Western Frontier.

Upon finishing secondary school, he traveled briefly with Miles Aerial Circus and Carpet Cleaning as an apprentice contortionist and pig keeper, but laid aside his acrobatic ambitions to pursue a career in orthodontics. He served for several years as the town’s only dentist before his practice was shut down on accusations of malpractice, maladjustment, malnutrition, public drunkenness and suspicious behavior.

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Collecting a band of ragtag musicians, runaway circus performers and bedraggled chimney sweeps, Dr. Folklore returned to his roots in the entertainment industry, releasing several records which have become moderately well known among vagrants and travelers.

In the shadow of pending investigations by local authorities, Dr. Folklore left his beloved home in Oregon to wander the country alone, and is often seen offering up melancholy ballads in the dark corners of public houses and taverns.

A well-known authority on the care and keeping of exotic reptiles, Dr. Folklore has given many lectures on the topic and devotes a substantial portion of his resources to efforts for the safety and well-being of endangered tortoises throughout the continental U.S.

Band MembersEdit

The members of Insomniac Folklore are a band of lovable hooligans that would probably be considered offensive, if only they weren’t so darned cute. At present, the group includes Tyler Hentschel, Ayden Simonatti, Danielle Maes, Dennis Childers, St. John Van Beek, and Zoë & Anavah Simonatti in the Northwest regions of the United States; in the Midwest, Tyler has taken to playing shows with Amanda Curry, Lisa Barfield, Joshua Hedlund, and Adrienne Hentschel.¹
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Insomniac Folklore has been warmly received by members of the cabaret and steampunk communities and can be recommended for people who like Tom Waits, Wovenhand, meWithoutYou, Nick Cave, Jason Webley, the Dresden Dolls and Simon & Garfunkel.

The band hail from many parts of the country and when everyone is present, create a vibrant whirlwind of musical tones using drums, accordion, violin, tambourine, guitar, bass, intense vocals, and occasionally ironing board. Their music, to which they lovingly refer as “Tantrum Folk,” has been described as a combination of 1960s folk-rock, 70s punk, indie-rock and vaudeville. In the vernacular, this translates to a heartfelt and theatrical stomp-along dance party which may very well leave you in tears.²

Contrary to popular belief, the members of Insomniac Folklore have never committed arson or incited any people to riot. If you invite them to your town, they promise to be on their very best behavior, really and truly, especially if you provide them with food.

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