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"The music of Ghostfire resonates to the debauched decadence and absinthe-fuelled anarchy of life in the eighties…

The 1880s

Stalking the cobbled streets; lurking in the shadows of the darkest alleyways, dare you glance beyond the safety of the guttering gaslights? Over to where the gin-soaked moxie plies her trade, the dipper watches his mark and the drunken sailor staggers blindly...

It’s this shadowy world of villains, rogue and rascals that Ghostfire calls home.

In the darkest corners of the flash taverns,we raise glasses with vagabonds, footpads, pirates and thieves. All seeking sanctuary in the anonymity only notorious London Town can afford..."

MySpace bio of the band

Ghostfire is a London-based Steampunk band. Their style of music contains elements of folk music and sea shanties.


Ghostfire started their career with a demo called Drunk Lullabies in 2009.

But it was in the 2010 that they gained attention and cultivated interest in the steampunk subculture. As they told, "Originally named 'Calibernus', this song is about the sword Excalibur and her inexorable link to the earth and forces of nature, as discussed in the legends of King Arthur. It was renamed in honour of steampunks from across the UK who got up and waltzed so finely to it at [then] last year's Asylum event." The song was then called The Last Steampunk Waltz and the rest is history.

Ghostfire's debut full lenght album, The Tyburn Jig And Other Popular Dances, was released on October 31, 2011.

During 2012, Ghostfire parted company with their original vocalist, Gary Emmins, due to musical differences. As of August 2012, Ghostfire have reformed with a new female vocalist, AJ Hollywood, and released the EP Skeleton Coast in 2013 with special guest Nathaniel Johnstone (ex violinist of Abney Park).

The band list their interests as "Gin, Absinth, Hogarth, Verdi, Old Shag, Radicals, Laudanum and Opium".


GHOSTFIRE - The Last Steampunk Waltz

GHOSTFIRE - The Last Steampunk Waltz


2009 - Drunk Lullabies (demo)

  1. Vaudevillian (official video of this version)
  2. Masters Of The Sea (official video of this version)
  3. Ghostways Of Paris
  4. Barrio

2010 - The Last Steampunk Waltz (single)

  1. The Last Steampunk Waltz (official video)
  2. Hand Of Glory

2011 - The Tyburn Jig And Other Popular Dances (LP)

  1. Smoke & Mirrors
  2. Dance Of Fate
  3. Vaudevillain (re-recorded)
  4. The Confession
  5. Book Of Dust
  6. Creepshow
  7. The Man (official video for an alternate version, recording date unknown)
  8. Masters Of The Sea (re-recorded)
  9. Drinkski Song
  10. The Styx

2013 - Skeleton Coast (EP)

  1. Fire In The Hole (Feat. Nathaniel Johnstone)
  2. Nothing Right Here
  3. Servants (Feat. Nathaniel Johnstone)
  4. Griminsky's Soul (Feat. Nathaniel Johnstone)

Other projects Edit

Gary Emmins, also known as Mr. E, formed a new band, The Filthy Spectacula, and released the LP Thrup'ny Upright in 2016. In 2017 formed Mr. E's Ghastly Murder and in september 17 released a single, The Hearse Song (based on the World War I era song) with the Earworm Mix released the same day. Over the years he had also uploaded various songs on his soundcloud page.

Three other members have formed The Yuma Territorial Prison Band, self-described as "steamwestern", in 2012, and after a hiatus they started playing their songs in 2016.


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