Drachenflieger2012 web

Drachenflug Band

Drachenflug is a German steampunk band that has a website with their videos on Webshots. The German word drachen means "kite" or "dragon" in English and the German word flug means "flight".

The video explains a great deal.

Promotional BlurbEdit

With cylinder and corset Drachenflug invite you to a musical rendezvous through time and space.

The German Steampunk band leads you into the temptation of a new world.

With Steam the ensemble powers the dream factory and makes atmospheres of endless blue.


DRACHENFLUG - WINTER (official)02:48


DRACHENFLUG - KLANGTEST (official steampunk music video)02:57

DRACHENFLUG - KLANGTEST (official steampunk music video)

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