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Dr. Carmilla

Multi-instrumentalist, musician and composer, Dr. Carmilla is the solo project of Maki Yamazaki. Her music is self described as Retrospective-Futurist Visual Kei. She also works as a producer and head of Silvana Laboratory (formerly Silvana Studio).

Solo CareerEdit

Following their work as (the now defunct) Dr. Carmilla & The Mechanisms, both parts of the band decided to continue working within the same storyline.

Gilded Age RecordsEdit

In early 2011, Dr. Carmilla joined Gilded Age Records (founded by Josh Pfeiffer, from Vernian Process, and Evelyn Kriete).

"As we delve deeper into the digital age, we find ourselves leaving behind a lot of the old ways of working with labels. Gilded Age Records is here to work with artists who want to leave behind a stifling, overly-commercialised world and look to one where outcasts and misfits of the old system are united together, waving our retro-futurist flag. I am proud to be part of this collective and to stand side by side with like-minded artists; to find a place in this brave, new world together."

- Dr. Carmilla, on the Gilded Age Records Website .

Press & RadioEdit

In the 2012.July Issue of Hotpress Magazine, Dr. Carmilla was interviewed. She was interviewed in the queer, Irish publication, Bolt Magazine and has also appeared in the publication as a featured artist.

On 2011.Jan.20 (the day that Ageha {Prototype Edition} was released), her song 'Rocket Girl' was announced as Sepiachord's Song of the Day.

Dr. Carmilla has also had radio airplay on The Small Door (steampunk/dieselpunk & cabaret radio station) and on The ClockWork Cabaret .


Dr. Carmilla is mentioned in several of The Mechanisms' songs and is often referred to during their live performances.

'Cachila Oxidada' a retro-futurist, recited tango by Ariel Silvera, is quoted as being 'Inspired by the Dr. Carmilla Universe'.

Collaborations & CoversEdit

Dr. Carmilla is currently working on a collaborative piece with the steampunk composer and music teacher, Tom Slatter. During early 2011, Dr. Carmilla digitally released a cover of 'The City' by Unwoman in which some minor lyrical changes were made. During live shows, she occassionally performs a song entitled 'Crip', which is inspired by the Radiohead song, 'Creep'.

Her work has also appeared as producer on 'Rogues Gallery', an EP by Jessica Law: Indie Villan , which was recorded under Silvana Laboratory.


Maki Yamazaki describes her music as retrospective-futurism, although has formally described her music as dieselpunk and steampunk. Dr. Carmilla made an official announcement on her website, The Uplink , discussing the matter. In addition, her fans (known as 'Patients' or 'Carmillites') have also described her music as dieselpunk, steampunk and atompunk.


Release Date Release Name Format
TBA 造花「zouka」 CD / Digital EP
TBA アゲハ CD / Digital EP
TBA Exhumed & {Un}plugged CD / Digital Album
2011.Dec.15 Steampunk, Vol. 1 CD Compilation (various artists)
2011.Nov.11 Eleven Digital single
2011.Jan.20 Ageha {Prototype Edition} Digital EP

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