Doctor Rosa Folsham

Doctor Rosa Folsham is the medic on board the Airship Delta. She suffers from and yet very much enjoys her schizophrenia and uses it to get out of difficult situations. She also has a distinctive high pitched laugh that can temporarily deafen anyone within 3 feet of her.


Dr. Folsham was a medical school student who went to some of the best universities in the country until one morning at 6:57 AM a large explosion was heard in the girl's dorm and all avalible staff and night watchmen rushed to the scene. What they found was a home brew laboratory that had imploded, two bodies lying lifeless on the floor and sweet, innocent little Rosa sitting on the bed reading a Voo Doo arts book. The two girls that were Rosa's roommates were pronounced dead at the scene and Rosa was found guilty of illegal experimentation. She said after her trial...

"Those disgraces to humanity deserved it! They bring back a new victim (boyfriend) every damn night and I don't get to sleep or study peacefully?! Well, maybe I will be able to now..."

Folsham was then kicked out of the school and was to be taken on a solitary confinement airship to a derelict camp for the insane. But, something went wrong. When the generals in charge of her opened the cell to escort her onto the island, she was gone. Her whereabouts are currently unknown but many say that she has joined the mysterious crew of the Airship Delta.

In Real LifeEdit

In the real world, Doctor Folsham is a character created and owned by Nathan Curtis, the writer and director of the web series 'Airship Delta'. Nathan once stated in a recent Q&A:

"Now, you ask me about miss Folsham...what do you expect...a sane answer or something that will possibly turn your head into a Pee Wee's Playhouse?!"

Mr. Curtis also said that his inspiration for Rosa Braxton Folsham was from aspects of the personality of the actress who plays her.

"Though, not the insane aspects, just the aspects where revenge and possible murder are very close to becoming a reality."- Nathan Curtis


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