Crimson Skies FASA

Boardgame box cover by FASA

Crimson Skies is a game media franchise and fictional universe created by Jordan Weisman and Dave McCoy. The series' intellectual property is currently owned by Microsoft Game Studios (MGS). Crimson Skies is a prime example of the Dieselpunk genre, though it predates the genre name.


"Crimson Skies" is set in an alternate history of Dieselpunk where Airships are the dominant method of transport. The failure of Prohibition at the federal level, combined with an increase in organized crime, the emergence of a new influenza plague, and the Great Depression; caused North America to fracture into multiple nation-states. Air transport replaced highways and railroads after numerous border disputes.


Crimson Skies was first conceived as a PC game known as "Corsairs!", but was released first as a board game by FASA. The franchise has since expanded to include a collectible miniatures game from Wizkids, as well as a series of books. The series also includes two arcade flight-based video games published by Microsoft Game Studios: Crimson Skies for the PC and Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for the Xbox, both of which have been well received by critics.

In 2000, Top Cow (comic book company) published Crimson Skies #1; a "preview" issue of the new title, but no further issues were published beyond this preview.

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