Coppelius 21-03-2009A

They play metal, believe it or not.

Coppelius is a German band that plays "metal" music on classic instruments while dressed in Victorian-Edwardian era costumes.

According to their own (fictional) band history, they met for the first time in 1793 during the debut performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute and played their first concert in 1803.

Members Edit

  • Bastille (Lyrics)
  • Comte Caspar (lyrics, clarinet, cembalo)
  • Max Coppella (lyrics, clarinet)
  • Sissy Voss (double bass)
  • Graf Lindorf (lyrics, cello)
  • Nobusama (drums)

Discography Edit

  • Albums
    • 2007: Time-Zeit
    • 2009: Tumult
    • 2010: Zinnober
    • 2013: Extrablatt
    • 2015: Hertzmaschine
  • EPs
    • 2003: Coppelius
    • 2004: 1803
    • 2005: To My Creator
    • 2005: Frühe Werke (box set of all three EPs)
  • Videos
    • 2005: I Get Used To It
    • 2007: Morgenstimmung
    • 2009: Habgier
    • 2010: Die Glocke
    • 2011: Risiko
    • 2012: I Told You So
    • 2013: Spieldose
    • 2015: Moor
      Coppelius in Hannover

      After the concert in Hannover 03-14-2015 From left to right: Graf Lindorf, Nobusama, Max Coppella, Comte Caspar, Sissy Voss, Bastille

External LinksEdit

Video Edit

Coppelius has a channel on YouTube.

Coppelius - Risiko (offizielle Musikvideographie)03:53

Coppelius - Risiko (offizielle Musikvideographie)

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