Circus Contraption (founded in 1998) is the name of a one-ring circus, vaudeville and dark cabaret troupe based in Seattle, Washington. The troupe, which employs about a dozen performers, uses live, original music paired with old-style circus performances, heavily influenced by cabaret and vaudeville acts. The shows are conceived for adults and usually feature some mature content.

The troupe first performed at the Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival, but soon branched out to other venues around the U.S., including a U.S. tour in 2005. Their local and touring shows, with names like "Bracing Curative," "Eat Circus," "The Beer, Bread & Cheese Cabaret," "A Raree Show," and "Gallimaufry: An Evening of Jiggery-Pokery," played to sold-out audiences.

In addition to its live shows, Circus Contraption sells recordings of its original music on CD.


  • Our Latest Catalogue CD (2001)
  • Gallimaufry CD (2004)
  • Grand American Traveling Dime Museum CD (2005)
  • The Half Wit's Descent CD (2008)
  • The Show to End All Shows CD (2010)


  • "Step Right Up!" press release at

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