Captain Quazar Sighting

Captain Quazar is a man that has never been seen. He has been rumoured to be over 100 years old but no official sightings are confirmed to be true as of yet.


Captain Quazar is a man that was originally formed from a large malfunction of a machine, not much is known about him but from what legends and other stories tell us, he is a mechanical man with fake blood and skin but he can still feel just as much as a human can.The captain is also said to be over 100 years old, if this is true then alot of stories and theories are proved incorrect. Although from sketches and possible, but not yet confirmed, sightings he appears to be only 20. The machine in which he was spawned from has not been found and the creator of it, not known. There have been minor clues though that have led up to this theory being proven but, alas, most people's conclusionss are the same. We assume that the contraption in which captain Q came from is on board the Airship Delta, with him.

Stories and LegendsEdit

Please bear in mind that these stories are not in any way factual, very little is known about this man that is fact, so please read playfully. This is not source material off of which to base some form of investigation.

  1. Captain Quazar is said to be Zyion's (the airship navigator's) husband or boyfriend. This is not known for sure but there is no possible evidence to backup why Xyla needed to go with Captain Q to contain her powers. She could have gone into an isolation chamber on a far off island or a prison airship but they gave her to Quazar. Who is actually MORE dangerous and creul (or at least said to be) than any general! There is no doubt, there must be some form of romantic or at least emotional connection between them.
  2. Quazar NEVER existed. Captain Quazar is often thought to be a myth, ghost or shadow that is just never seen or even noticed. But what if he never existed at all?! In this time of much progress, with many new inventions on the market and so on, there are also problems....evil sceintists such as Dr. Steel that wish to take over the world with their wacky inventions and therefore...did we all just imagine Captain Q? Think about it...when all of this insanity is happening in the world, didn't we need a hero or some form of surreal and phantom-like character that could give people some hope?! After all, he hasn't done anything yet, because, nothing extreme has happened yet! Maybe he is just waiting for the right time, or maybe the villans of this world are so scared by their own imaginary enemy that they do not wish to strike in fear of Quazar coming.

In Real LifeEdit

In the real world, Captain Quazar is a character created and owned by Nathan Curtis, the maker and director of the 'Airship Delta' web series. Nathan once said in a Q&A:

"I wanted to create a character that represented what I go through on a daily bases, it isn't like I am actually living with a psychotic doctor that could kill me at any moment but it really does feel like I am living in a surreal world sometimes where there is barely any continuity...even if that world has to be reality"
--Nathan Curtis

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