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Alan Campbell is a fantasy writer whose works seem to derive a degree of inspiration from steampunk without being actually of this genre.


Deepgate Codex seriesEdit

  • Scar Night (2006)
  • Iron Angel (2008)
  • God of Clocks (2009)

Gravedigger ChroniclesEdit

  • Sea of Ghosts (2011)

Sysadmin's Note Edit

Mister Campbell appears to be an author of fantasy, not steampunk per se. Not having read any of his books that is very difficult for me to determaine. If you have read one of his books and you consider his work to be part of the steampunk genre, then by all means, write about it here.

Reply from Unkown Reader Edit

Fiction is a big place and therefore hardly an exact science, but here are some reviews which suggest Camobell's work belongs here...

and in particular this one...

Sysadmin's reply Edit

I have read all of the reviews to which you, Mister or Mis Anonymous, posted links. I still think that Campbell is first and foremost a writer of pure fantasy. This is not to say that being such disqualifies him for a place in this wiki, but being writer of purest fantasy does not necessarily earn him a place in this wiki either. They did have quite a bit of fantasy during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, just as we have in the current century. Little to none of those fantasies actually qualify as steampunk per se.

Mister Campbell himself lays no claim to the steampunk genre. He claims to be a writer of urban fantasy. Can you, or anyone else for that matter, offer me a description of a scene wherein Victorian to Edwardian Era technologies are used in one of Campbell's stories and show how such use is integral to the plotting of the story Mister Campbell wrote?<p> <p>The reason I ask is simple. This the Steampunk Wiki! It is not a catch-all place wherein anyone can dump an announcement about something that they happen to like no matter what that something happens to be. This is especially so for hard-to-define stories or bands or artwork. At least a modicum of discrimination is necessary.

For instance, there are a great many authors whose work I am fond of, but I do not insist on their being here, unless they happen to have worked during the Victorian Era and had something seminal to do with the Victorian Era. Robert A. Heinlein and his works are not metioned here. Neither are the works of Philip K. Dick, as close as he was to the founders of steampunk. Neither of those authors ever wrote anything that falls into the Steampunk Genre.

This is a place for works in the Steampunk Genre. If it is not in the Steampunk Genre, no matter how cool it is, or how popular it is, or how much anyone or everyone loves it, it will not have a place here. So, again I ask. Does the work of Alan Campbell have a place in this Wiki? If you believe it does, fine. All I ask is that you make a creditable case for it being here. And, this is a great big ol' hairy and, that you undertake to make that case in writing so that all the participants in this Wiki, including me, can decide whether Campbell's work does indeed make up part of the Steampunk Realm. --Billy Catringer 14:48, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

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