Airship Delta

The Airship Delta is a fictional airship created for the web series of the same name. It is said to be, currently, lost in time flying around the earth.

The Airship Delta series is a story about a mysterious captain and his crew of three, who get misplaced in time. They recently come into possession of (i.e. "stole") a machine that has an unknown power source. This power is locked up in the engine room with Xion, the airship's engineer. Whilst the captain is deciding what to do with it, the Ognaris Pirates arrive and try to take back their stolen machine.

Episode 1 is available on YouTube, with other episodes pending.

Trailer 1
Trailer 2

The AirshipEdit

The Airship Delta weighs over 900 tons, is steam-powered, and has over twenty-seven engine rooms that provide power to the four mounted propellers. Delta is currently in the possession of [[Captain Quazar|Quazar Knox], its captain.

The CrewEdit

The crew of airship consists of Doctor Rosa Braxton Folsham; medical expert and health monitor of the airship, who suffers from schizophrenia; the navigator (Xyla Croxx) a psychic and very distracted 15 year-old who has been put into the captain's care because of her uncontrollable powers; the engineer (Zyion Ostrog), an expert in anything steam-powered and involving machines; and the captain, (Quazar Knox), who is the strict and tortured captain of the airship. He is said to be over 100 years old but maintains a young face due to Xyla's appearance-altering abilities. Some believe him to not be real; a legend mentioned only in whispered tales.

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